The Bird Dogs' Tale

The Bird Dogs' Tale book cover

By Bobby Jack Woolley

The author has presented the combat service of
the Bird Dog aircraft in a comprehensive manner
that covers the ten-year period, 1962-1972.
The intent is for The Bird Dogs’ Tale to serve as
a record of how O-1’s service contributed to
the overall combat effort that occurred in
Southeast Asia during the Vietnam era.

Research concerning the disposition of each
O-1 that served with Army, Air Force and Marine
aviation units is presented. Brief histories of
each O-1 aviation unit are also included. Of
significance, an accounting of each service
member who lost his life participating in its
combat service is also recorded.

The accounting of each aircraft and those
who lost their lives during O-1 operations is
an important and unusual content of a combat
related book. The Bird Dogs’ Tale is that story.

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