The Bird Dogs' Tale

About the Author

Bobby Jack Woolley graduated from Texas A & M in 1964 as a
Distinguished Military Graduate and served 23 years as a career Regular
Army officer before retiring from active duty in 1987. He flew in an O-1
as an artillery observer during his first Vietnam tour with the
1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division during 1965 and 1966.

After completion of his ground-duty tour, he returned to the States
and completed the Army’s fixed-wing pilot qualification course in 1967.
He returned to Vietnam during 1967 with the 203rd Hawkeyes with
duty in northern II Corps. At mid-tour, he transferred to the
199th Swamp Foxes in IV Corps and served as pilot, platoon leader,
and as a unit standardization pilot.

In 1968, he returned to Fort Rucker and served for two years as an
instructor pilot transitioning student pilots to be qualified in the O-1
Bird Dog, as well as serving as an OV-1 instructor pilot. Upon retirement
from military service, he began his book project with the intent of
providing a comprehensive record of the Cessna O-1s combat service
in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam era.

Mike Adair, CPT Woolley

Mike Adair, Ben Tre crew chief, CPT Woolley,
and their aircraft in April 1968.


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