The Bird Dogs' Tale

Scope of the Tale

Section I: When, What and Who

The Aircraft
The Personnel

Section II: Operations

Command and Control Organizations
The USAF Tactical Air Control System, the TACC, DASC, ALO, and TACP
The USA Operational Control
The Types of Operational Missions Flown
The Operational Environment and Maps

Section III: The Units

Helicopter Units 73rd Avn Co 74th Avn Co 219th Avn Co
220th Avn Co 221st Avn Co 183rd Avn Co 184th Avn Co
185th RAC 21st RAC 199th RAC 203rd RAC
USAF TASS Units: 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd & the Ravens
USMC Units: VMO-2, VMO-6 & H&MS-16
Allied Nations: Korean, Australian & Thai Units
VNAF Units

Section IV: Aircraft Maintenance and Support Units

Section V: Aircraft Accidents/Incidents and Losses

Section VI: Afterword and Epilogue

Appendix: Notes, Glossary, Photo Credits, and Acknowledgements


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